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SOPs in eBook format offer you a step-by-step process to improve your inner self along with your business, become more productive, and acquire efficiency.

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Get your copy of this eBook & discover a step-by-step roadmap to structured processes to create, implement, and update Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) within an organization, ensuring streamlined operations and improved efficiency.


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  • Accessibility on various devices.
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  • Easy version control and updates.
  • Cost-effectiveness and environmental sustainability.
  • Interactive elements for enhanced understanding.
  • Collaboration and feedback opportunities.
  • Integration into training and onboarding processes.
  • Analytics for monitoring and improvement.
  • Enhanced security with digital rights management.

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Quick and easy book to navigate. Right to the point, and provided better insight into writing SOPS. Included download links to help improve making your SOPS.


There is alway an 80-20 rule in life and I think the 20% I got from this book will generate 80% of of my application to current SOP's in my organization. One of the tools I am using righ away is the SOP timetable and will help create standard work for departments involved with SOP sign ups. Thanks Giles!

Ivan Villa - Founder, Eagls ENTERPRISES, INC.

I enjoyed this book for it's simplicity and practical tips to implement SOPs in a business or organisation. It's a quick read and I highly recommend it to business owners and managers.


Basic book but with good advices easy to read and nice downloading references, if you are a newer its a good option


I liked the way in which the matter was presented. Some practical examples could have been added in the formats and shown in the book. It would have helped understanding the concept easily. However it's worth a read for any beginner.

Sadashiv - Staff, 42 School ENTERPRISES, INC.

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