SMART TV (Samsung/LG/Android)

  • Setup instructions for a Samsung/LG/Android TV

     Search in your TV for one of the APPs below

  1. IBO Player (Highly Recommended/Very Easy to Setup)
  2. IPTV Smarters Pro (select Xtream codes API ) (Highly Recommended/Very Easy to Setup)
  3. DUPLEX play
  4. Flix IPTV
  6. ELK Player
  7. Nanomid
  8. Smart IPV (Not really recommended)
  9. Smart STB (Not really recommended)
  10. STB Emu (Not really recommended)

Once you install one of these recommended APPs,

You can use the subscription info that you received from us to log in.

In case you are facing any issues, please contact our support team on WhatsApp and they will help you set the subscription in your APP.

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